27 September 2009

Pause for celebrations . . .

I'm back, so let's get stuck in to today's birthdays. Two in number, both are my second cousins; one is twice removed and one thrice.

Wilfred James Pates, he of the twice-removed, was born today in Biggleswade in 1898. The youngest of the seven children of Samuel and Mary, nee Thompson, he appeared in the 1901 census with the family in Newton, Biggleswade. And I have only found him once more - when he died in 1991.

I'm sure he appeared in the 1911 census but I haven't allocated the funds to check yet - I am, tho, thinking of the subscription being offered by FindMyPast. Bit cheeky of them not to allow it within their existing packages but, hey, I'm sure they had to pay through the nose to get it and their census-only sub looks to be good value!

End of FMP advert, let's also wish Happy Birthday to thrice-removed Francis de Montfort Culpin. Born today in Wandsworth, seventh of the eight children of George Francis and Florence Sarah (nee Culpin), he appears in the next two censuses with the family in St Albans. He was probably just too young to fight in the Great War, and he married Ada Worsfold in Willesden in 1922. The only other thing I know is that he died in Lambeth in 1987.

And then, because you deserve a long ramble today to make up for my absence, there's the marriage of my g-g-g-g-grandparents; John Fordham and Mary Taylor, for 't'is they, married today in 1803 at St James, Hemingford Grey. Variously an ag lab and a shopkeeper, John died sometime in the late 1840s, after he and Mary had begat (begotten?) five children. That is, five sons - John, George, Richard, Robert and John. As you will guess, the first John must have died young - although there is a gap of ten years between the first John and his brother George. Makes you wonder . . . . ?

The family appears to have remained in Hemingford Grey - now quite an exclusive village - throughout its collective lifetime, spawning between them quite a large number of offspring, predominantly male. Must be something in the water!

Right, I think you've concentrated enough for today. I'll try not to leave such a large gap next time.

More soon.


Konein said...

Actually, Francis de Montfort's dad was George Francis Culpin and his mum was Florence Sarah Newman. Francis was born when George and Florence were living together but weren't married; George was already married to Kate Sherrington. She was living in Stevenage with their 5 daughters in 1901 while he lived in St Alban with Florence who stated then she was his wife. George and Florence got married in 1905 right after Kate died. They probably tried to cover up the fact Francis was illegitimate but still registered under the last name Culpin at birth. If she said her maiden name was Culpin at the marriage no one would be the wiser.
Could you tell me more on Francis' siblings? I've only been able to find Verula born in 1906. The others were born after the 1911 census I presume?

Genpen said...

Yeah, guilty, I might just have been in "simplify" mode!! I know that I've got the marriage cert somewhere and that her father's name is different, but she does give her maiden name as Culpin. As for the siblings, guilty again, sorry: I think George & Flo had 3 kids - Ivy (b. St Albans 1897, died Holborn 1899), Francis & Verula. I promise not to rush next time! :-) Latest find is Flo's petition for Judicial separation in 1917.

Konein said...

She was born as Florence Sarah Newman though in Q2 1868 at Balam, Wandsworth, daughter to Henry Newman, born 1813 Lambeth & Eliza Newman, born 1827 Seven Oaks, Kent. So I'm still convinced she lied about her maiden name to hide the fact Francis de Montford was given the last name Culpin at birth when he should have been registered as Newman.