22 October 2009

And they said it would never last

All together now: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Rambling Genes, happy birthday to you!!!!! Yep, my little blog is officially one year old today . . . . . and still going.

So I thought I'd treat it to a bit of TLC and actually take some notice of some of the ramblings. Over the last year I've written "To do" list on a number of occasions, so I've just been through the entire thing and picked out what I said I'd follow up on.

The only thing I can confidently say I did was to find the definition of "Pig Jobber" so, although I have the list, I don't think I'll repeat the things I haven't done!

A quick sort through my database produced 101 infants who, sadly, only lived for one year (the criteria here being that they were born one year and died the next) and, not unconnected with this statistic, there were five ladies who died within one year of their marriage: three Elizabeth Culpins (nee Bishell, Taylor and Aspital in chronological order), Anne Johnson (nee Langford) and Susan Staden (nee Hutton).

Other than that, I can't find any further "one year" useless facts.

More soon.

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