19 October 2009

It's all happening in Chesterton

Today's anniversary is the marriage of Joseph Flavell and Emma Leach in 1863 in Landbeach. Joseph was my 2nd cousin, 4 times removed and Emma was his sister's husband's sister (sister's sister-in-law didn't sound any less complicated!) so I think we can probably guess where they met. Their marriage, with the ten children they had over the next 28 years, then became a merry-go-round of the Chesterton registration district.

Joseph was a farm worker, which presumably meant that he went where the work was, so we shouldn't really be surprised to find him in Fen Ditton in 1871 (cow man), then Landbeach ten years later (horse keeper). Waterbeach was next (1891) where he was an ag lab (fewer legs to count, I guess) and finally, in 1901, he's graduated to Farm foreman and they're in Histon.

Ooops, I think I missed out a brief stop in Stow-cum-Quy in 1877, where Joseph & Emma's sixth child Frederick was born!

A quick bit of research this afternoon found spouses for sons Herbert and Benjamin and for daughter Janetta. This lady married George Branch and, wait for it, they did indeed "branch" out by moving to Little Shelford - not just the other side of Cambridge but, heaven forfend, outside the Chesterton district!

More soon.

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