12 October 2009

Masses of matrimony

A bumper issue today - eight weddings and two birthdays, so we'd better just pitch in . . . .

Starting yesterday, let's wish happy 225th wedding anniversary to John Bullard & Ann Cole who married in Kimbolton in 1784. John was from a family of basketmakers and continued the tradition in Godmanchester. When he wasn't busy doing that, he and Ann found the time to produce ten children - the last one of whom they named "Jubilee". I'm slightly puzzled about this as I can't think of a historical jubilee in 1809, the year of her birth. Any offers?

Moving on, to John's niece Mary Ann Bullard who tied the knot twelve years later . . . . somewhere near. Could have been Pidley (centre of the universe) or Earith or . . . . . ! Guess I need to look it up when I'm doing more research into Mary Ann and her husband John Martin.

And then there's Wallace Goodwin Culpin and Annie Inwood Coubrough, who married at the Baptist Church in Hitchin in 1897. Wallace, unusually for a Culpin male, was neither blacksmith nor currier - but he sold boots instead! He & Annie had one daughter, Dorothy and, interestingly, had a one-year old child, Percy Matthews, living with them in 1901 together with a young domestic nurse. But he's not there in 1911 when Wallace, Annie & Dorothy are still living in Stevenage. Sadly Wallace died the following year; Annie & Dorothy emigrated to Canada, sailing on the "Victorian" from Liverpool to Montreal on 23rd May 1913, accompanied by Wallace's brother in law, Frederick Longney. The latter's wife, Charlotte, and their one surviving child Graham, joined them in Canada four months later.

Next up it's John Bigley & Mary Smith who were joined in matrimony at the church of St Nicholas in Great Yarmouth 202 years ago today. Mary was a Chatteris girl and that's where they brought up their ten children. In the interests of not going on ad nauseam, I refer you back to my 29th January entry if you wish to learn more about them!

Which leaves me free to move on to John Sparkes & Mary Freeman, whose wedding took place today at St Mary, Tuddenham in 1818, and stayed in the village for the rest of their lives. Just the seven children from this union.

Three more to go: Isaac Moore & Mary Culpin got hitched today in 1827 in Aldwinckle (Northants) and appear to have resolutely avoided the official record-keepers until their deaths. However, they cannot hide from me . . . . . !

Nearly done: meet Frederick William Hawkins and his bride Mary Peach, who married in Sundon (Beds) in 1891. I have found him in the 1901 census but not her so I need to do some more work there.

And finally, and closest to home, the marriage of Henry Cross and Mary Ann Culpin, today, in Little Downham near Ely, in 1892. Four children later, they seem to have moved three miles up the road to Littleport by 1901 . . . and nothing since. Guess which list they're going on!

I did promise you two birthdays so a quick chorus of happy birthday to John Wiltshire, who would have been 201 today, and to Hannah Sparkes, 127 today.

Phew! A quick sum up - eight marriages, producing 32 children; two birthdays; two emigrations and a lot to go on the "To Do" list.

More soon.


Konein said...

I'm always up for a challenge ;-) 1809: golden jubilee celebrations for George III

Genpen said...

Well spotted!