8 October 2009


No, I haven't found any more criminal ancestors; today's entry is about the wife of PC Burglariously (see my 29th January entry for the explanation of the word - I didn't make it up!).

Selina Garland was her name and she married the aforementioned officer of the law, Richard Markham Culpin. Born yesterday (sorry to be late) in Bolton upon Dearne, Yorks, to Thomas & Ann, Selina was the sixth of their nine children and the family was in Attercliffe cum Darnell, still in Yorkshire, by the 1851 census.

Ten years on and she has, of course, left home; she appears in Headingley, part of Leeds now, as a nurse - which, as she is a servant in a private home, I assume is a child's nurse or something similar. I don't mean to do her down but there is no evidence that she is an official qualified nurse.

Although . . . . her next appearance in the public records, in the 1871 census, is as the assistant matron in "an Union", whilst living with her sister (& her husband) in Kingston upon Hull. And what do I know about Hull? Well, old family friends lived there when I was little and they told stories of Hull's own independent telephone network . . . . and my godson is studying there now. That is to say, he's a student there - I couldn't possibly assume he's working at this precise moment!

I digress again: back to Selina. In 1876 she & Richard (Culpin, for anyone who's lost the will to live in the midst of my ramblings) married at Baron St Martin, near Stamford (Lincs) and then moved to Skegness to become a lodging house keeper and his wife. They were there until at least 1891, before Richard died in the Belper (Derbyshire) district in 1895; sadly Selina died only 18 months later, on 27 December 1896, in the same district.

More soon.

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