3 October 2010

Gotta love them ....

So, here we are; it's definitely autumn - I have conkers in my pocket to prove it.  In the pocket of my waterproof, that is.  And the sun is shining, to give us an idea of what we're going to be missing for the next few days, I think!

This morning I was living up to the title of this blog and "rambling" around the internet with a cup of tea beside me, when I came upon the familysearch beta site.  If you have a look here ..... https://beta.familysearch.org/ then you may well be lucky, like me, and find something new.

I have to admit that searching for the name Millice Culpin makes things easier as, let's face it, it's not the most common name (either of them, let alone together) in the world.  And what did I find, I hear you ask ....

New Zealand Immigration Passenger Lists 1871-1915, Wellington (inwards) 1891 (Jan-Jun): Culpin, Millice, surgeon, adult, bound for Brisbane.  Complete with: Culpin, Mrs and six offspring: Florence, 19; Millais, 17; Rose, 13; Clarence, 11; Ernest, 9 and Rose, 7.

Just as I was mentally grumbling about the lack of ship's name I remembered that I *know* the ship's name.  Dredged up from the depths of memory is "New Zealand vessel Ruapehu".  Result!

I must acknowledge that I had no idea the Mormons (for 'tis they) had all this information - but I'm pleased to find it.  I shall search again later.

Onwards - alas, the washing won't do itself.

More soon.

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