10 October 2010

So far, so good

So it's 10:10:10 .... and no computer virus has hit us (that I know of).  And I had to search for hours to find any sort of anniversary in my files involving 10th October.  

The results included my first cousin 3 times removed, Ann Murfitt, who was christened today in 1841 and then disappears after 1851.  To be fair, I suspect that I found a choice of Ann Murfitts and gave up.  First one for the "To Do" list.

Then I found Susanna Garka, third cousin 3 times removed, who was also christened today, but nine years later than Ann; she went on to marry Robert Bullard in Godmanchester and have three children.  Her trail runs down in 1891, so plainly I found her a bit easier to track!

Add to the "Christened today" list Emma & Alice Lowton, sisters, who were born in Landbeach, daughters of John & Elizabeth (nee Wayman).  You will unsurprised when I tell you that they are related to me twice - first cousins 4 times removed and second cousins 3 times removed.  And they were removed to the southern hemisphere, arriving in Melbourne in 1853.  When I say "were removed" I don't mean to imply a lack of choice on the part of their parents . . . . there is no suggestion that their emigration was anything other than voluntary!

And finally, as Cyril Fletcher used to say on That's Life, let me introduce Hannah Sparkes, my fourth cousin 3 times removed.  Born today to Edgar & Jane (nee Webb) in 1882 in Herringswell (Suffolk), she went on to marry John James Lloyd in 1905.  I need now to find the couple in the 1911 census ....!

So, not a bad turnout after all.

More soon.

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