19 October 2010

New people

Well, I'll be ...... what an interesting couple of days I've had.  A couple of new contacts bringing forth masses of information to be sucked into the database.  Much fun!

Firstly I was contacted, through this very blog, by Val from Australia, who turns out to be related via the Debneys who emigrated in the 1850s.  Val has a very comprehensive tree which she has made available to me so I can gradually introduce you to some genuine Australians ...... stay tuned!

And another new contact who, like me, is a great-great-grand-daughter of Millice Campbell Culpin.  This contact, who shall remain anonymous, also brings info to the party.  Excellent stuff.

Welcome to both of you and thank you for reading the waffle I put out!!

Today, in the course of looking for something else, I have discovered two more files about the Culpins.  Again, I had filed them "somewhere safe" ..... you'd think I would have learned by now!

So, I'm going to read them now and see what I've been missing.

More soon.

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