27 October 2010

Where are they hiding?

Firstly, a belated happy birthday to Rambling Genes. Yep, my little blog passed the two-year mark earlier in the week .....and they said it would never last!

So, to mark this momentous occasion ...... I'm going to complain. About the 1911 census. Or, rather, my complete inability to find a particular family therein.

All I really want to do is find the Williams family, comprising John Charles (Jack), his wife Elizabeth (Lilly) and their children John & Violet. Mother and children born in Hampshire, father in Brixton. Violet Lily Pinckney Williams, to give her full name, was born in Southampton in 1910.

I have enough info on them to find them ..... But they resolutely hide from me. I shall spend the next few days searching for every known variation of their surname!

More soon.


Anonymous said...

sorry not the family you re looking for but grandaughter of isaline helen bullard daughter of henry bullard and laura logdon isaline married leonard hubbard who had two sons leonard and freddie leonard married marie wootton and they had us kathleen leonora (me) richard and colin email me at t.mansell@hotmail.co.uk if you want anymore info

Konein said...

Well I love riddles and puzzles and have a real terrier mentality :-)
If you post more info here (or mail me which ever you prefer) about the illusive Williams (place and years of birth and so on) I'll have a go at finding them.