20 January 2009

Across the seas . . . .

On this auspicious day let me bring out my very own George Washington.

That's George Washington Debney, the fourth child of Catherine Culpin and George Debney, born in Buntingford, Herts, in 1847. I don't know much about him yet because he and his family went to Australia, voluntarily, in the early 1850s. I know that his mother, Catherine, died in 1858 in Castlemaine, Victoria and his father in 1878 in Melbourne. I must do some more work on them.

Catherine was the aunt of my own great-great grandfather Millice Campbell Culpin and she was one of quite a few Culpins who went to the Antipodes. Australia has some excellent archives, many of which are now online, and I have already discovered a Newspaper Index which brought forth a few little snippets. I particularly appreciate the Australian War Memorial, a magnificent institution, which has even shown me a few photos.

I'm being slightly sidetracked by the new US President's Inaugural address and also quietly amused by the ear-muffs worn by the US Naval Guard! Even allowing for the distortion of distance by the tv cameras, there seem to be people standing in the cold for hundreds of yards along what I think is called The National Mall (that's Maul, obviously). Apparently the out-going Vice President damaged a few muscles whilst carrying boxes out of his official accommodation!!

Onwards, I feel the need to search for Debneys in Oz.

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