24 January 2009

Always read the small print

So there I was, sorting out the loose pages in my Staden file and I found some emails which I'd plainly only half-read. I'd totally ignored my contact when she gave me the correct date of Thomas's marriage to Sarah Dodd (11th February) and told me that she'd been sent a copy of the actual Parish Register by way of confirming it. Sorry, Cathy, I resolve to read your emails from top to bottom next time!

Have to pause here, because I'm sorry I haven't a Clue has just come on the radio and for the next 30 minutes I won't be able to see for laughing.

Tomorrow would be the birthday of Robert George Henry Milton, an ancestor on my maternal side, who was born in 1891. So he'd be 117 - that's an awful lot of candles.

Robert was born in Biggleswade, son of Robert William & Mary Janet Willmer, and christened at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in the town on 22nd October of the same year. In 1901 he & his family were living in King's Langley in Herts, where his father was a member of the constabulary; by 1911, the family had moved (not terribly far, I think) to Bishop's Stortford, where Robert senior is still a copper and junior is aged 20 and "assisting baker".

According to my random notes, he was a shoo-in for being remembered as "Uncle Bob from Hitchin", but I now wonder if that title could also refer to his father?

Embarrassing moment of the week - when I was informed that two elderly and distant cousins had, sadly, died last year. Unfortunately I had prematurely killed one of them off fifteen years ago . . . by finding a death registered to someone with the same name and the same date of birth. Thinking about it now, I realise that she couldn't really have attended her sister's funeral in 1998 had she stuck to my dates. Oooops, sorry again.

Check and check again - now where have I heard that before . . . . ?

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