18 January 2009

Pier of the Realm . .

No, that wasn't a speeling mistook.

It was an entry in the 1851 census for someone who may be related to an ancestor of mine Confused? You will be! But concentrate, I may ask questions later . . . .

I was tracing a lady who I first discovered as Sarah Cavan. She then married Joseph Staden, or Sladen, and they had a lot of children with the middle initial "L". When I found her marriage register entry, I noticed that she married as Sarah Lambart; so I checked for a birth and found two:- Sarah Sophia Cavan and Sarah Sophia Lambart, same place, same reference. So, I guess they're the same person. She also seems to have some wonderfully named brothers - Octavius Cavan (don't think he's the eighth, though), who morphs into Octavius Henry Lambart, and Arthur Lambart Cavan, who simply drops the Lambart.

Pah! I'm just glad I'm from peasant stock - imagine how confusing it must be to have to keep track of which name to use and when!

And just to confuse me further, I now need to find out whether she really married a Sladen or a Staden. All their children are registered as Sladen but she keeps appearing in the census as a Staden. Aaaaargh.

Pier of the Realm . . . . still making me chuckle.

Have a good day!

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