16 January 2009

Found him . . . .

It's taken a while on the 1911 census site but I've finally found my great-grandfather & his second wife. OK, so it's only been online for a couple of days now but I knew exactly where Isaac should have been and I knew when & where he was born . . . . . and could I find him? Hmmmm.

And then I saw a tip on one of the mailing lists I subscribe to (or to which I subscribe, depending on who's reading this); to search with only christian name, dob, place of birth etc, simply put a comma and a space in the surname box. And it works - yippeeeee!!

Another of the mailing lists brought forward a new, to me, website which could prove useful to people with ancestors who died in the Peterborough area. It's the Book of Remembrance for Peterborough Crematorium and obviously doesn't include everybody who, er, used their services but it's at:-


So far I've managed to find a number of Culpins commemorated there - not sure if they're in the main file but I'll check over the weekend.

I also found a few more Stadens in the census; including a duplicate - unless there were two Annie Stadens born in Cambridge in 1905/6. I've checked all the various sources for an additional "Annie-birth" and can't find one so I suspect that both families, her widowed father on one hand and her aunt & grandmother on the other, claimed her. Thanks for including her, dear ancestors, but do try not to confuse me again!

Back soon.

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