1 January 2009

It's next year . .

So, here it is - 2009. And does it feel any different?

One thing I have managed to avoid this (last) year is the dreaded "round-robin" letter, where people, who you don't see from one year to the next, send out a letter describing their family achievements of the year. It always includes their marvellous offspring, who have always passed two dozen exams with flying colours, come top in the Pony Club competitions and will be joining the Royal Ballet next year!

Funny that we never receive one where Crispin has just been sent down for supplying the sixth form with drugs and Henrietta is awaiting a bail hearing for shoplifting!!

However, in the spirit of the above, I will now summarise my year for posterity . . .

I went to the British Library once; to the Records Office a few times; to Huntingdon library two or three times; to see I"m sorry I haven"t a Clue in Cambridge and to see John Barrownman in London (my, but he was good!); to the village of Tuddenham; to Scotland twice, once to travel on the West Highland Line to Mallaig - that was just amazing; took up swimming again (but haven"t been since the school holidays started - ooops); saw the Prince Caspian film and the Quantum of Solace film (I"d happily go and watch Daniel Craig opening an envelope) and have seen other friends and drunk a great deal . . . and coffee too!

Happy New Year!!

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