25 February 2009


It's a Culpin-athon today, with two birthdays and one wedding from the extended family. Happy Birthday to Alfred James, born today in Swavesey in the 20th century, who died at the same age I am now, in the year I was born.

The next Culpin is Emma, born in 1883 in the Huntingdonshire village of Elton - I sound there as though I know what I'm talking about but I've never been to the place, only seen it in pictures. Anyway, she was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth and she appeared in the village in the 1891 census. Other than that, I know nothing.

Last, but probably not the least, today we celebrate the marriage of George Challoner Culpin and May Harriet Fatt who tied the knot in Queensland in 1911. He was the son of Ebenezer and Emily, who emigrated to Australia from Spondon, Derbyshire, in 1887 - one of a number of Culpin ancestors who set out to repopulate the Antipodes.

George and his family travelled on the ship "Orizaba" to Victoria and, at some point, George moved up north to Queensland. Alas, I know absolutely nothing else about anyone in the family. All clues gratefully received!


Konein said...

It's me again your god knows how many times removed cousin from Amsterdam. Didn't know about George Chaloner leaving for Down Under. Hadn't been able to find him or his family after he was born though so I suspected they upped sticks.

Konein said...

Couldn't help diving into this new mystery. Looks like George C C & May had 4 children: George C C jr, Marjorie, Joan & Richard.

Genpen said...

Honestly, you're worse than me for getting sidetracked!! Thanks for the update - I vaguely remember noting some of the children but I've no idea where I wrote it!

Janie Noble O'Brien said...

My name is Janie, the only child and daughter of Marjorie Culpin who was the oldest daughter of May and George. All May and George's chidren have now passed but they all have numerous children and grandchildren. I would be happy for you to pass this info on to Konein if he want's to contact me for further info.