27 February 2009

One of each . .

A quick catch-up on yesterday before I disappear to watch the rugby: first the marriage of my g-g-g-g-grandparents in 1799 in Doddington, Cambs - a village synonymous, in my mind, solely for its workhouse where a number of my ancestors have taken refuge over the years. John Carter, the groom, was born in the village and his bride, Mary Franklin, was born in nearby Benwick. Together they produced seven children, all born in Benwick, and the only one I know anything about is George, through whom the line continues.

Yesterday's birthday girl was Esther Alma Freeman, my g-g-aunt, who was born in 1855 at 47 Chester Road, Lambeth, the daughter of James & Eliza (nee Humphrey). I had no problem finding her when she lived at home but that was only one census year; after that I am fairly certain only of the 1901 and 1911 census entries. I am also fairly certain that she went into, and spent a lifetime, in service and that she remained unmarried (her brother mentions her in his Will written in 1908) but finding her in the late 19th century censuses has been a complete nightmare! I mean, how different ways can you spell her name? Well, there's Esther and Ester, not to mention Hester and Hesther . . . need I go on?

Let's leave her in Hampstead in 1911 and retire quietly to the television . . . !

More soon.

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