4 February 2009

Daily Habits

So there I was this morning, waiting for a bus, in the freezing cold and, thanks to Stagecoach, I was given plenty of time to observe the habits of drivers on mornings such as these. There were those who simply got the scraper out and cleared the frost from their windscreen & others who poured water over it. Then the man who sprayed about a can of de-icer on his windscreen and carefully used a squeegee-thing to clear it all off (personally, I think that's what wipers are for). And, the best were the couple who were taking it in turns to clear the windows in between flicking frost at each other!! All watched over by an ever-increasing bus queue and the chap who came out onto his balcony in his dressing gown to have a cigarette - it was about -4c!!! Hey ho.

Anyway, today's entry is just to confirm that I don't have an ancestor conveniently born on every day of the year; why, there are four days in February alone without a birthday, including Friday the 13th. But I can produce a leap-year baby, born in 1868, so that counts double in my book (or should that be diary?).

So, not only do I not have a birthday boy or girl today, neither do I have a marriage to waffle about and I refuse to resort to "Deaths on this day".

Back to the 1911 census now.

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