24 February 2009

Trams of Fancy

Soooo, today's offering . . . . Sarah Squires Barrett, the daughter of William and Elizabeth, was born yesterday in 1823 in Little Downham, Cambs, married Millice Culpin in 1846 and they brought up their children in Stevenage. After her husband died, she moved to West Ham, as you do, where I found her in two censuses (censii?). For no apparent reason she was in Ramsgate when she died in 1915 at the age of 91. Maybe (I've just thought of this) she was meeting one of her sons coming back from France . . . ? By way of cross-reference, she was the grandmother of Ernest, who got a mention earlier this month as surgeon and Commodore of a sailing club in Queensland. Aha, I've got it - maybe she was there to meet Ernest, because I know he was in France.

Moving on before I get involved in too many flights of fancy, Sarah's third cousin twice removed (by marriage, but who's counting) was James Culpin who married Alice Ethridge yesterday in 1913 at St Andrew the Less in Cambridge. James and Alice produced just the one child before he sadly died three years later - in Cambridge, I don't think he was involved in the war.

And finally, a birthday boy today in the shape of Frederick Pates, my second cousin twice removed, the son of George and Mary Ann, born in Biggleswade in 1880. By 1901 he had gone to the great Metropolis, boarding in Islington, and listed as a tram conductor. Presumably, these were horse-drawn trams, otherwise I have a vision of him between the cable and the tram, conducting in a whole different way!

Coming back from la-la-land (must be something I ate), Frederick married Florence Elizabeth Davies in 1906 and by 1911 they're still in Islington, with Frederick's younger brother for company.

Later this week, weather permitting, I'm hoping to get to St Ives so, if I remember my camera, I should be able to get some photos of the Culpin heartland!!


Konein said...

Oh dear. You keep throwing stuff at me I didn't know.. I do know James. Well not personally of course but he's in my tree. Just didn't know for sure which James (there are barrel loads of them in the Culpin tree) married Alice. So that would be James William then? Born 1890 at Thornhaugh? And Alice would be Alice May Ethridge born 1886?
And I didn't know they had a child before he died either. Could you give me the details on that child? My tree begs for another addition.

Clearly I have got to read your blog more regularly and I can't wait for the St Ives pictures!

Genpen said...

Ah no, this James was the son of Henry and was born in 1886 in Peterborough. I'll email a report later today.