5 February 2009

Snowing again!

Two birthdays today, the first of whom is Violet Staden, sister to Iris and Arthur James who have already had a mention in this blog-thing. Violet was born in 1901 in Steeple Bumpstead in Essex and went on to marry Edward Prosser in 1922.

Moving on swiftly to cover the absence of info, I also present Isabella Mary Sparkes of Tuddenham St Mary in Suffolk. She was born in 1855 and appears in the 1881 census as a Vest Maker; Now that may be an abbreviation for "Vestment" or it might simply be what it seems - and how useful those can be at this time of the year . . . .

Which is quite a good segue into the weather which faced us this morning. More snowy-ness and I saw some rare sights on my perambulations . . .

Children not at school (hardly rare, I know) but any number of them were out playing in the white fluffy stuff on greens and verges.

A couple, about my age, who had just finished building a snowman and were taking photos of each other by it; I took a photo too - the Arbury Snowman to the left here!

Mothers with their toddlers all bundled up - and what a fantastic array of welly-boots!!

The most obvious thing? People were laughing - all except one little girl whose mother had to tell her to stop whingeing!!

Walking in snow, when it squeaks and crunches is great fun but . . . my muscles are complaining now and I am going to use that as an excuse to go back to the genealogy now!!

Stay warm.

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