4 August 2009

Another cracking article

Mind the gap . . . .

Sorry, been away for a few days. And while I was travelling, I was idly perusing the latest edition of "Ancestors" magazine . . . there was a superb, nay cracking, article by Dave Annal about accounting for people abroad in the census . . . and he quoted an example of a soldier in the 1911 census. In South Africa.

And his name was Harry Culpin! Obviously, because of copyright issues, I can't quote from the article but suffice to say it gave me some very useful info about this 'ere Harry. He married Benedicta Rhydderch in Colchester and they begat six children. Their first, Joe Rhydderch Culpin, was easy to find but he died at age 1. Four other children appeared on the census return but there is still one missing. The census info gave me the 6 children, 4 still alive but I have no idea who the other child is . . . . !

A-n-d I have since been able to link Harry and co into the main family file; my investigations suggest that Harry is the son of John & Elizabeth. John, born in Ailsworth, Northants, circa 1843, was also the son of John & Elizabeth but I do know that his mother was Elizabeth Dunton.

So, I've been able to move another nine people, plus Harry's family, out of the stray Culpin file and I am a pretty happy bunny!

Lucky, or what?

More soon.


Konein said...

Seven kids actually; 1 one was born after the 1911 census.
Joseph died 1900, Benedicta (Dinah), John died 1902, Gwendoline, George, Francis (Frank) & Laura Nancy).
Henry the son of John from Ailsworth & Elizabeth Tate from Oundle. Marriage 1869.
John jr son of John sr from Woodnewton & Elizabeth, but I've got a different last name for her: Mee. I did put in my notes this Elizabeth married A John Culpin and putting her with this John was a slight gamble. Could you tell me where you found her last name?

Konein said...

Oh yes,forgot to mention Henry was a bombardier and stationed in India at least 1912-1914 (witness at the wedding of GWYNNE, William, age 29, bachelor, Belgaum & DOBNEY, Norah, age Full, widow,Madras October 9th 1914 in Belgaum) where daughter Laura Ann (Nancy) was born.
Love to know a bit more about the South Africa story..