11 August 2009

Re-introducing . . .

Another day with no anniversaries so I thought I'd borrow from today & yesterday, as it were, to expand upon a family we've already met.

By a remarkable coincidence my great-great-grandfather George Staden (1843-1928), who married twice, did so within two days. Plainly, these events were separated by more than just a couple of days - twelve years, in fact - but it struck me as quite odd that both weddings should take place in August.

Having said that, though, maybe his wives were both born in August . . . . 'scuse me while I check . . . . . No, not the first one but maybe the second. Equally, the ladies in question were sisters so maybe it's a family thing. And, I've also just checked - I don't think there was any particular need to hurry, if you get my meaning. So . . . just a coincidence then.

But we don't believe in coincidence!

What else can I tell you that you don't already know? Well, I haven't made much mention of George & Sarah's oldest son Carter:- born in St Ives in 1869, he moved to London and married Kate Burrows in Hampstead in 1925. He died in Peterborough in 1939.

Then there's John Thomas, born in 1870. He became a draper's assistant, being found in Buckingham Palace Road in 1891 and Leamington Priors in 1901. He married Edith Daniels in 1903 and by 1911 he, Edith & their young son Charles, were in Wimbledon. Charles, by the way, brought a bit of respectability to my whole database by becoming a Methodist Minister!

The other three children (Eleanor, George & Fanny) have already had a decent mention in this blog so I won't bore you with them.

George senior & Fanny (first wife's younger sister, remember) married in Islington and then lived in St Ives (Hunts not Cornwall) until George died in 1928. One excellent thing is that they left some superbly detailed Wills, so that's been useful!

More soon.


Konein said...

Well actually..it's my birthday today. And it's the big 40 milestone as well.

Genpen said...


I'm a big birthday ahead of you so I can assure you that it's fun to be in your forties! Enjoy :-)