9 August 2009

Quite short & not terribly sweet . . . .

Three anniversaries in the diary today - starting with the most recent.

Happy birthday to Herbert Frank Culpin, oldest child of Herbert Miall & Kate (nee Norton), born in Stevenage in 1897. I don't know much about him really; the family was still in Stevenage in 1901 and had moved to Hitchin by 1911, when he is listed as Frank. And finally . . . he married Eleanor Day in 1924.

Even shorter . . . Happy birthday also to Rebecca Wing, third of the nine children of William & Emma (nee Bigley), born today in Chatteris in 1865. In 1881 Rebecca is to be found in the North Witchford Union workhouse as a 15 year old scholar and then she joined her mother in Nottingham, where she married James Langham in 1887. I haven't found any children of this marriage before Rebecca's death in early 1890 at the age of 25.

And now for the shortest-lived marriage in my file:- today in 1890 John Henry Staden, my 1st cousin three times removed, married Susan Hutton in Cambridge. As with Rebecca above, I can find no children, and Susan died in January 1891.

Not a very informative day really, and quite depressing in its way. As before, though, doing this blog encouraged me to find out more about Rebecca Wing - even though there was little more to find. It's quite a useful exercise to keep the database as up to date as possible!!

Onwards to the Blaydon family who caught my eye as I was furkling around this morning.

More soon.

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