30 August 2009

Four across & one down

Today would have been my maths teacher's birthday.

How do I know that? Was I such a swot that I knew my teachers' birthdays?

Well, no, although I did quite like this lady. Angela Mary Covey-Crump (nee Ayres) was born today in 1912 and married Leo, the son of William & Hilda (nee Porter) in Plymouth in 1941. I don't have many other details, save that Mrs Covey-Crump (she was my teacher - how can I call her by her christian name?) died in 2005.

My favorite memory of her? Well, I have two: firstly, that she trusted me, above all the others in the class (yep, I was that good at maths), to have the text book with the answers in the back. And, secondly, her habit was to write the homework questions on the board and it wasn't terribly difficult to distract her momentarily . . . . and then get her to answer what she'd written on the board!

The title? Well, Mrs C-C was the wife of my fourth cousin once removed.

More soon.

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