25 August 2009

I hate computers

I've spent the last few days glowering at this pc, trying to shame it into working properly again. Having realised, belatedly, that this approach wasn't working, I took a metaphorical hammer to it earlier this evening and, hey presto, it's working. Yippeeeeeeeeee!!

No anniversaries today so let's go back to yesterday, to the birthday of my great-great-uncle. Joseph Langford was born in 1860 in Stretham, the son of John Freeman Langford & Charlotte (nee Bigley) and was christened at the Parish Church (St James') on 16th September that year.

In the next four census returns he managed to be in four different places in the village - Back Street, East Street, High Street & Short Street - before he married Martha Cross (in 1898) and popped up in Broad Street, Ely in 1901, together with step-son William Cross & daughter Charlotte (and Martha, of course).

Martha died in 1923, when the family was living in Back Lane, Ely and George died ibn the Tower Hospital, Ely, formerly the Workhouse, in 1941.

Short & sweet. Don't want to overstretch the computer!

More soon.

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